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title pic Seven Tips to Select Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts

Posted by on September 23, 2010

Wedding is an important event in an individual’s life. Gifting something different, elegant and unusual brings in joy and happiness in the life of newly wedded couple. Wedding gifts are not only elegant and sophisticated, they can also be fun. Your gifts should communicate your best wishes, however at the same time they can also bring smile on the couple’s face.

Over the past few years, many people are opting for environmental friendly wedding presents. Eco friendly gift items are the symbol of joy and good health for the couple. They help in making their lives better and rejuvenating. There is a wide variety of such wedding presents available in the market to select from.

Check out few tips that would help you buy eco – friendly gift items:

1. Choose a gift exclusively made from recycled materials. Nowadays, recycled materials are widely used for making vases, glassware, dinnerware, lamps including other works of art and design.

2. As compared to other types of gifts, hand crafted gifts make for a perfect alternative. Some popular hand made gift items include pepper and salt shakers or hand made throws and blankets.

3. One of the best wedding presents is to donate something in the honour of newly wedded couple to some socially responsible organization, an environmental organization or any other social group that interests them.

4. In case, newly wedded couples have an eye for gadgets, consider gifting solar powered appliances such as solar chargers and solar flash lights.

5. Consider gifting them organic food. Nowadays, a large variety of organic food is available in the farmer’s market or other departmental outlets. You can also look for these food products online. Make sure they deliver vegetables and fruits to your place.

6. Organic plants or gardening supplies, a bush or tree make for perfect eco friendly gift items because not only they promote the environment but also enhance the beauty of newlywed’s home.

7. You can also gift them an annual pass to a museum or a national park. Gifts like these brings a joy and pleasure to the newly wedded couple.

Whatever you gift, make sure couple cherish it for a long time to come. Wedding presents like eco friendly gifts are unique and memorable.

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