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title pic Perfect Wedding Present For Your Best Girlfriend

Posted by on October 8, 2010

The special wedding day of your best friend is something that you ought to enjoy too. If you think of the most touching moments in your life, one would be seeing your best friend getting married. Remember not to cry on the wedding day for it may smear off your make-up but aside from this worry, what better gift ideas are there for your best friend.

Since your best friend have her favorite song of course, look for the original CD and have it signed by the artist to serve as your gift. They may appreciate your gift and would not want to smudge off the signature so put it in a plaque or glass box instead.

To give a sense of lightness especially when everyone becomes emotional, a cool funny gift can break the ice. Gifts may come in different forms like gifts for the home, vacation packages, kitchen appliances and more, but only you will know what certain item can make your best friend giggle so look for this instead. Give them a set of roses and chocolates with their names tied on each!

Request a store to personalize two love mugs if they are the type of couple who loves drinking coffee, and this is one practical gift. Tell them why you selected that gift over other things to make it more memorable! You may give the newly weds a set of wood crates where they can organize their gardening tools if they are into gardening! Have the names of the bride and groom carved onto the wood to make it very personalized.

Add a bunch of chocolates with their names on each of the wrappers, there are shops that do this now.

A personal calendar where they can write all their happy moments together or the other events yet to come to their lives is also an ideal wedding gift! Their details can be added on every page of the personal calendar to make it customized with all their tastes and favorite things to do. Their names can be spelled out with different materials for each month such as balloons in the sky or flowers in the garden.

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