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title pic Wedding Insurance – What Does it Entail?

Posted by on October 23, 2010

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life – but organising it could be one of the most stressful experiences you’ve ever had to go through. The list of things you have to organise can seem never-ending: from booking a venue and choosing a dress to arranging a photographer and caterers. On top of that, you actually have to send out the invitations! With so much to think about, it’s no surprise that so many brides and grooms forget to purchase wedding insurance.

The average wedding is now estimated to cost over £21,000 and, with so much at stake, it’s crucial to make sure that your investment is protected. After all, while you might not want to consider the possibility of something going wrong, there’s always the chance that a sudden accident, illness or – in the worst cases – bereavement might force you to cancel or postpone your celebrations. With a comprehensive wedding insurance policy in place, you may be able to recoup these costs. Before you purchase wedding insurance, however, it’s important to make sure you know what’s covered and how much of it applies to your situation.

Most standard wedding insurance policies will cover cancellation and rearrangement of your wedding or reception, as well as any damage that many occur to the wedding dress or the groom’s attire. In addition, many policies will provide protection for photos needing to be retaken, non-appearance by the caterer and loss of wedding rings – all common problems that have the potential to destroy your big day. Better still, if your gift list includes high value items – such as crystal ornaments, expensive cookware or an LCD television – it’s prudent to ensure that your wedding insurance offers sufficient protection for your wedding presents.

At the same time, you should be aware of what your wedding insurance policy does not provide for. For example, while you may receive cover for cancellation of your wedding due to an accident, illness or bereavement, you probably won’t be protected if you and your partner simply decide you no longer want to get married. It’s also unlikely that you’ll receive cover for damage caused to your wedding cake by vermin, marquee damage during erection or dismantling, or theft from unattended wedding vehicles.

If you’re planning a modest celebration with a small outlay, you may not think you need wedding insurance. However, most wedding insurers offer varying levels of cover from which you can choose – so smaller weddings can opt for lower tiers and large bashes have the choice of more protection.

In the long term, paying for wedding insurance is likely to be a sound investment. For instance, if you should have to postpone your wedding and you lose the deposit on your venue, you’ll be able to claim this cost back on your policy, for which you’ve paid just a fraction of that amount. And with this financial safety net in place, you’ll enjoy some valuable peace of mind in the run-up to your magical celebration.

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