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title pic How to Give the Best Wedding Gift

Posted by on November 10, 2010

Although gift giving etiquette in wedding occasions dictate that guests are not obliged to give any presents, we still feel that we ought to give something for the couple as our way of congratulating them with their union. In this regard, we want to be able to give the most useful and perhaps the best wedding gift to our host.

There are many ways by which the best gift may be found. Couples nowadays are using online gift registries which is actually a list of gift that they wish to receive. What makes this alternative convenient for both hosts and guests is that the gifts may actually be bought from the online store where the registry was registered. Anywhere, anytime, you can access the registry, buy one from the list that you can afford and the gift will be shipped straight to the couple’s home. With this, you are assured that your gift will be among the best gifts the couple will receive.

Guests are of course not limited to whatever are just listed n the wedding gift registry. You may also choose other presents that are not included in the registry. Couples should of course be grateful with whatever gifts they receive, yet as guests we want that our gifts be truly appreciated by the couple.

A common mistake to avoid when choosing a wedding present is buying an item which you yourself would like to have. Unless you are confident that your tastes are similar with that of the couple then go ahead with your choice.

Another key to finding the best wedding gift is to know the couple before buying any present. If you are a close friend this may not be a very difficult thing to do. You have shared some good and bad times with them that you perhaps know something about their love story. You can book or reserve for a dinner date in a restaurant where they first dated or you may also ask for their first picture as a couple then have that photo enlarged and framed.

Base also your gift on the age of the couple. Suppose the couple is both in their early 20’s, you can choose to give home furnishings that they can use in their new home. If you know that the couple has lived together before they tied the knot, they probably already have some home furnishings so it would be a good idea to give money, gift certificates or equivalent gifts. Yet before giving cash gifts, make sure that this is what the couple want to receive as well. You can check if the couple registered for an online wishing well or have enlisted cash in their wedding registry. This is just another guest benefit provided by online gift registries. You may also group with a few friends and buy a more expensive wedding present.

Then there are also some personalized and customized gifts that you can give to the couple which may even cost you less. You can gather old photos of the bride and the groom then create an artistic scrapbook that they can use as a guest book for their wedding. If you know how to crochet or knit, make them a bonnet, mitts or sweater. You may also offer to make some easy to make wedding favors for the couple such as burning love songs in CDs or making some homemade candles.

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