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title pic Engagement Presents – Who Should Give and What Should They Give?

Posted by on November 25, 2010

Giving presents to mark special occasions has been a tradition that goes back many, many years. However, one of the newer gift giving traditions involves engagement presents.

The problem with this is that not all people are completely sure whether they should give a gift when someone they know gets engaged. They also do not know what constitutes a proper engagement gift.

The best answer for this dilemma is that only the people close to the engaged couple should give presents. This should be the parents and close family and friends. No one else really is required to give a gift.

For those of you who fall under the category of people who should give engagement presents, you probably are wondering what you should give. You already have to give gifts at the shower and at the wedding itself, so what exactly is the proper engagement gift?

The best presents to give at this time are small items that signify some sort of meaning to the couple. You are not required to get anything elaborate at this time because you will save that for the wedding present. For example, a great present to give is a small picture frame they can use to put in their engagement photo.

Another great gift that is one of the more perfect engagement presents is a door knocker. The reason this is such a great gift is because the couple soon will be getting their first home or apartment as a couple. There are great doorknockers that you actually can have their last name and wedding date engraved onto it.

This is a great way to commemorate their unity as a couple. There even are countdown clocks these days where you set the date of their wedding it counts down to their wedding day.

Because you want to save the more elaborate and sentimental gifts for their actual wedding, you have more freedom when it comes to engagement presents. If the couple is more free spirited and laid back, you really can get them anything.

The gift does not even have to have anything to do with an engagement if they are not really into all of that. The best thing to do is just go for something that the couple actually would use or appreciate and try to make it personal by selecting something that has some sort of meaning to the couple.

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