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How To Make Any American Woman Want To Know English

Dating a British guy is not so different from dating an American guy. It’s common knowledge they’re some of the most fun people on earth. You need to be cool, get along with them, be honest, and above all, have fun. Learn all the secrets to dating a British guy and be well on your way to having an amazing adventure in the land of smiles.

Dating a British guy is about being original. They like to hear songs that sound much less dated than the ones we keep hearing on American radio stations. Plus, the Brits enjoy the finer things in life–so much so that many Brits are known for collecting things–including musical instruments! The next time you hear their music, try and guess what song it’s based on. Better said, listen to it at least three times just to make sure.

It’s known that many British guys like to spend time alone, so don’t expect an American-style night club when dating a British man. They like to spend time alone. One surefire way to find out if he’s the type to leave you alone is to ask him where he plans to spend time on his holidays.

When dating a British guy, it’s important to use your benefits to your advantage. In America, it’s usually acceptable for a man to buy you a drink if you’ve offered him one already. In many parts of the world, however, this isn’t the case. In the UK, it’s considered extremely rude and unprofessional to buy another woman a drink. So, be aware of the unwritten rules of dating a British guy and use them to your advantage.

The British people have a great love for drinking, so it can come as no surprise that many British men have a great appreciation for the finer things in life. If you’re a woman who wants to make a strong impression on a hot British guy then a nice bottle of wine might be just what you need to get his attention. There’s nothing more romantic than the sound of a good bottle of wine as it slides down the table during dinner. For that reason, it’s never a bad idea to include a bottle or two in your collection of accessories for dating a British man with an English accent. The more bottles you include, the better!

Do you know why Brits tend to like a dark moody colour like black or navy? This is because these colours represent the sea. If you want to add some style to your outfit, go for a pair of dark slacks and a navy blue jacket. You’ll definitely impress any British guy when he sees you in this style.

When it comes to dating a British man with an English accent, it’s important not to overdo it with the accent. Being able to communicate clearly with a guy goes a long way towards ensuring success when it comes to dating him. So go easy on the talking part. Focus instead on observing his behaviour, his interest in sports and other things that are important to you. If all seems to be going well, then it’s time to bring the romance to the bedroom.

The key to dating a British man with an English accent is to remember to be patient. Both men and American women have plenty of dating opportunities around the UK and Europe, so don’t miss out. You never know, you could win him right there! If you’re still not sure about British dating, then you should find out more about online dating services.