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title pic Etiquette on Sending Wedding Gifts

Posted by on December 22, 2010

Wedding is a time of joy for the couple, parents, family, friends, and even for the colleagues and acquaintances who are invited to attend the ceremony and reception. In order to celebrate the wedding everyone who attends traditionally will send or bring a gift. We all know when a gift is given it is usually the thought that matters and not the gift itself.

However, giving the right wedding gifts is important. When two people get married they usually start a new life together in a new home and they have immediate needs that can be partially covered if the guests would send or bring the right gifts. These wedding gifts don’t have to be very expensive. The thought that goes into picking the wedding gift is far more important. It does not help to send a gift that will be returned or tossed in a box. Here are a few pointers to wedding gifts etiquette that close family and friends will usually follow.

Wedding gifts etiquette calls upon the couple to create a wedding gifts registry where they can list all the items they require and/or would like to receive. Family and friends can browse the registry and purchase gifts from the list. There is no price limit and there is no obligation in the wedding gifts etiquette. Nevertheless, if the guests stick to the list they will spend money on something that the couple truly need and will appreciate.

If the couple does not create a wedding gift registry the wedding gift etiquette calls upon the good sense of all guests to find out as much as possible what the couple requires and what would be the best wedding gift, keeping in mind their budget. While wedding gift etiquette does not specify how much to spend, one needs to be sensible and keep in mind that it is a special day and the gifts received are a way to cherish and remember this special day.

Another way to keep with the wedding gift etiquette is to give the couple a gift card and let them choose their gift of choice or put it towards something else they need.

Weddings are the perfect time to show someone how much you care and love them by the gift you choose. Pick it with taste and send the gift to arrive a few days before the wedding. This way your gift can be added to the gifts presented by those who attended the wedding in person. Often, etiquette on sending wedding gifts has a lot to do with simple common sense.

By Chrystal_Holman