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title pic Bridal Shower Favors & Wedding Shower Favors Shopping Tips

Posted by on February 5, 2011

One aspect of getting married that is often overlooked by stores is the bridal or wedding shower. This is not a part of every wedding, but the occasions where it is not done are rare. This is a very special party held prior to the wedding where wedding presents are given to the bride. Rarely, the groom is included and it becomes a wedding shower instead of a bridal shower. Regardless of which scenario is used, it has become customary for the bride to give out small, inexpensive bridal shower favors or the couple to give out wedding shower favors to all those in attendance as a special thank you for the many wedding presents that are received and for the support shown by those present.

Bridal or wedding shower favors do not generally have to follow the theme of the wedding decoration as other types of wedding favors do. Wedding showers can be, and usually are treated as completely separate from the overall wedding party. There may be a theme, but it is not required. This may make choosing bridal shower favors easier or more difficult, depending on the mindset of the bride or the couple. The good news is that wedding shower favors are more varied in selection and, generally, less expensive than other types of wedding favors. Shopping around for your party can be an enjoyable break from the hustle of trying to plan the wedding itself.

If the bridal or wedding shower is planned as surprise for the bride-to-be or for the couple, the maid of honor can choose or she and the best man can work together to choose the perfect favors. This can be a more pleasant experience because the bridal shower favors or wedding shower favors are not added to the brides list of responsibilities. She will be as surprised as the other guests at the choices made and the variety of party favors chosen for her.

Whether these are chosen by the bride, or chosen by the couple, these items are chosen by the maid of honor or maid of honor and best man together, it is customary for favors to be given as thank you gifts for the guests. Once upon a time, a simple “Thank You” card would have sufficed. Today, these favors are as much a part of the party as the giving of wedding gifts to the couple. These little items may not cost a lot or be very big, but they can certainly liven up the party. The variety of the favors available makes it possible to create a special party atmosphere that is completely separate from the overall wedding. These great items will make the shower a great deal of fun for all concerned.

by Aaron_Y_Hu