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title pic Choosing Wedding Favours

Posted by on February 14, 2011

The first issue to address here is what exactly is a wedding favour?

A wedding favour is a small gift from the bride and groom that is presented to guests at a wedding. Wedding favours are commonly placed onto each person’s table place, which gives an extra something to the table decorations. Wedding favours can range dramatically in form and price. Those with a large budget and an aim to wow their guests, will spend thousands on these keepsake gifts. Those with a budget will spend little.

Commonly wedding favours have two functions. Firstly it is vital that they have some use to the recipient. It is a waste of time offering guests something pointless or offering men something that only women would appreciate. Secondly the wedding favour must be representative of the wonderful event that you have put on. It must be classy and stylish and something that the guests will want to take home and treasure as a reminder, instead of leaving them strewn on the table at the end of the night.

It seems that picking gifts for such a small gesture can be such a big decision. Well, It doesn’t have to be! The trick when buying wedding favours is to offer guests something that seems expensive, looks elegant and costs little.

One such item that springs to mind would be gorgeous silver-plated key ring embellished with a heart of red crystals. As a wedding favour this gift not only ties into the theme of the wedding (ie: love,) it is also practical and gender-neutral.

A second item that would make a great wedding favours are keepsake boxes, perhaps engraved with the event date and the name of the bride and groom. These silver-plated trinket boxes can be used as paperweights, as decoration on a shelf, or as storage for any small items you may have laying around.

Another gift that would appeal to male and female guests are gorgeous silver-plated credit card holders. Decorated with crystals and small enough to store in your pocket or evening bag, these gifts are bound to be a hit. Not only can they be used for credit cards, they can also be used to store business cards or receipts, something everyone has a need for. Again, these can be engraved to add that little extra something as a reminder of the wedding favours that they received on your big day.

If the wedding favour you are after is something small or perhaps just something for the ladies, then a sterling silver charm would make a lovely gift. A small heart shaped charm is sure to be representative of that special day and every time it is worn it will act as a memory of your wedding. Alternatively, a sterling silver charm in the shape of an angel is again, endearing and simple without being too pricey.

Wedding favours are something that everyone would love to be able to offer to their guest as an appreciation for their presence at your wedding. Guests typically spend a small fortune on the wedding presents, which makes the idea and ability to give something back even more wonderful.

by Emma Greene