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title pic Wedding Photography Guide

Posted by on February 20, 2011

It can take a year to plan and lasts just one special day, so ensuring pictures of your wedding are captured as beautifully as possible is crucial. After the vicar, the photographer has the most important job as it’s his responsibility to ensure your happy memories are preserved for posterity.

Getting the lighting right, ensuring the whole operation runs smoothly and captures the best impressions of you and your guests takes experience, expertise and the right equipment. So unfortunately, Uncle John with his new, shiny camera is not going to cut it. Weddings are expensive occasions, and employing the right photographer will, after the reception, probably be your second biggest expense, so make sure you hire the right one!

Once you’ve had a look at their website and spoken on the phone, you should arrange to meet the photographer several months before the big day. This will give you an opportunity to decide whether you gel, and that they’d be able to create the right rapport with you and your guests.

Make sure you see full albums of weddings they’ve photographed before, and not just a selection of their best work. This also gives you an opportunity to decide what style of pictures you’d like:

* Traditional/Classical – carefully posed pictures from a pre-selected shot list designed to capture you looking your best, and plenty of wide shots of friends and family.

* Reportage – unobtrusive, magazine style pictures that reflect genuine moments and record the day in a relaxed manner.

* Contemporary – a combination of formal shots and relaxed candid photos.

Once you’ve selected the package you want, you can then move on to discussing the price, but remember that photography is a skill and not a commodity. While people will forget whether there was a band and how the food tasted, a picture can last a lifetime.

On the big day, you can arrange for the photographer to capture the early morning preparations and then to capture specific moments of your reception such as your first dance. Or alternately, they can be there just to capture the ceremony and the cutting of the cake. The choice is yours, but don’t forget to have them capture the unique wedding favors you selected!

Once he’s returned to his studio, the photographer will be able to use the wonders of modern technology to remove incidences of red eye, crop the images to best fit the frame and even add special effects to produce the perfect wedding montage.

After the all cake’s been eaten, the guests have left and the wedding presents opened, you can sit down and enjoy reminiscing over your beautiful photos. They can either be presented to you in a ready made album or on a DVD so you can sit back and watch a slideshow while scribbling down the numbers of the ones to be printed. Your favourite pictures can then be put in an album, presented to loved ones and put in frames so you can be reminded of your fairy tale wedding day for many years to come.

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