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title pic Wedding Gifts For Parents – Etiquette

Posted by on May 2, 2011

A wedding is a very special occasion that comes with several etiquette rules. There are various gifts to give out, and one common question is whether the couple needs to give wedding gifts for their parents. While such gifts are not mandatory, but it will always be nice and thoughtful to give something to the parents to make them feel that their presence is valued.

Why give wedding gifts to parents? One major reason why parents must be given gifts is because they help pay for their children’s wedding. Traditionally, there are some parts of weddings where parents have to pay for their children. Thus, it is just right to express appreciation for their financial and emotional support by giving them gifts. Whether they pay for anything for the wedding, if they’ve provided their children a happy, healthy growing-up environment, they truly deserve a wedding gift.

When to give wedding gifts for parents? Actually, there’s no hard rule as to when a couple can give gifts to their moms and dads. Before, on, or after the wedding day, gifts can be given to the parents. However, if the couple wish to provide something that their parents can use on big day, then gifts have to be presented before the event takes place. Pre-wedding parties such as rehearsal dinner, wedding shower, or bridal luncheon can make a perfect time to present gifts for moms and dads. The couple can bring both sets of parents together in one event to give them gifts, especially if they are comfortable with each other. For some parents that are a bit emotional about the wedding, presenting them gifts privately would be more ideal and not immediately when the wedding ceremony is about to start.

What should be included in the wrapped present? To make the gift more thoughtful and meaningful, the couple may include a handwritten not of gratitude. It could be a heart-felt letter that tells some memorable moments they were there for their children. Also, it should include words of appreciation, acknowledgments for being good parents, and excitement for the upcoming brand new days for the entire family.

What to gifts to give them? Ideally chosen gifts for parents must be something that is related to their personalities. The couple should look for ideal items that reflect their parents’ interests, hobbies, favorites, or lifestyle. Some traditional gift items for moms and dads include personalized picture frames, photo albums, tea cup sets, bar accessories, jewelry and a lot more.

Parents wedding gifts come in so many choices to choose from. When looking for these wedding gifts, browse the Internet and visit websites that specialize on various types of wedding gifts for attendants such as groomsmen, bridesmaids, couple, ring bearer, and flower girl. Whatever items were picked, consider to personalize them with the name or initials of moms and dads, as this is one thoughtful way to make them feel so special and important at the wedding occasion of their children. Personalized gifts are also a unique, thoughtful keepsake that will help parents remember a wonderful event that happens in the lives of their children.

by Janet Vera