Tuesday, January 3, 2012

title pic Photography As a Concept For a Wedding Gift

Posted by on May 7, 2011

The right wedding present is not easy to come by. Functional gifts are so hard to find especially if you are looking for a very useful but simple one. If you have big bucks to spend for a wedding gift and if these are you real friends, try and do them a favor by getting them their own photographer for the wedding. Allow the couple to use their money for other wedding needs while you shoulder the expenses for the wedding photographer.

Let the pictures say all what happened during the wedding day and you can help them with this by making sure that you take care of their wedding photos for them. You can still use pictures as your wedding gift by compiling the couple’s photographs through the years and do an audio visual presentation instead of hiring a photographer which is quite more expensive. Either in an audio visual presentation or a mere scrap book for the couple, start by alternating the pictures of the newly weds until the time the are getting married. It’s not bad to make it fun by adding pictures of them when they were little kids and doing some funny stuff.

Photo albums are the only storage we use then and doing this could be quite hard, thanks to technology, since with the help of digital cameras, all you need to do is download pictures from the digicam to the computer. When all the pictures you need are ready for your gift project, your only problem is whether to do a scrap book, album, or a visual presentation during the wedding. Aside from the pictures of the past, put some of the highlights of the wedding as well in your album and just give your gift after the wedding.

A little anecdote or sharing of either the bride or the groom’s embarrassing moment will help to make the the video lively, you can do this instead of pictures. Now all you have to do is burn copies and play one while everyone is having a good time, it sure is a very memorable gift. Create personalized covers for the DVD case too and this will serve as wedding tokens as well. Make sure that you use all your resources when coming up with a video or photo presentation since everyone should enjoy watching what you have just made for the couple.

The couple’s personality and yours as well should be something that reflects your gift for them. Keep that in mind and you have the most perfect gift.

by Harrison Fray