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title pic Wedding Gift Registry – Keeping Track So You Can Prevent Duplication

Posted by on May 22, 2011

When deciding for a wedding gift and you do not want to leave your home or you would rather browse the possibilities first, check wedding gift registries online. If not, most stores have them.

Almost all stores allow couples to open their registry up to 16 months before the wedding and a year forward to allow guests options to buy their first anniversary presents. All that one has to do is visit a preferred store and check out its registry department. Check out the store return policy in case you would need a replacement. Keep in mind that stores do not usually issue cash refunds only store credit. It may be a wise idea to bring your fiancé along so both of you can decide on the things that you would need.

Here are a few tips that could help you in opening up a wedding registry.

· First, keep in mind that opening up registries can be fun both for you and your groom so do not rush. Wear comfortable shoes and shop around. Opening up wedding registries does not have to be done in a day. Prolong the event if you like. The fun memories you and your husband can share today will give you good memories later in your marriage.

· Aside from the return policy of the store, find out how easy it would be for you to exchange items with them later on.

Important questions to consider before you sign up.

· How do they update their wedding registry and how often? How long will your wedding registry stay in their records list?

· Does the store have a toll free phone number with quality customer service? Do they accept orders by phone and do they make deliveries?

· Do they have a website for you to keep track of the gift registry?

Opening up wedding registries will allow family and friends to choose their presents from the choices in your registry. The information that the couple has in their wedding registry can provide the guests with information that will prevent duplication of wedding gifts – that is at least the idea.

Couples about to be married would more likely need the basic things to start a home. Opening up a wedding registry in stores would tell your guests your preferred items. Mostly this would include china, cooking utensils, silver ware, crystals and drinking glasses, linen, home improvement items and accessories. However, to give the guests a wider latitude of things to choose from, it is perfectly okay to register for the more non-traditional gifts like golf clubs (if the groom is into golf), music instruments, and household appliances. If the couple needs to splurge on other items that are more expensive, than that is perfectly all right. Provided the couple does not go overboard. A plasma television for example might be cool, but it could also drive some guests to another store that you are not registered.

Couples that has been living together for a while would already have those basics. It becomes more important then to open a wedding registry so guests are informed of the things that you still need again to avoid duplication. If you do not need another blender, then do not register for it. You might be needing other things like a vacation, a honeymoon getaway, dinner reservation for the weekend, shares of stocks, house cleaning services, mortgage payments, garden supplies, wines and upgrades in your appliances and upgrades even on the more traditional wedding gifts.

The store in which you register will largely depend on your needs. Many stores have in their line almost everything that a starting couple will need at budget prices while Hect’s or Macy’s have a good line of the more expensive items. But most stores have wedding registries that you can make a list to communicate and keep track of your wedding presents.

by Dean Shainin