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title pic Well Groomed Wedding Gifts For Him

Posted by on May 30, 2010

The long awaited big day is arriving, and after all that planning it is guaranteed to go without a hitch. The flowers for the bride and bridesmaids have been chosen to match the colour of their outfits and their eyes, the rings have been put away somewhere safe and the wedding gifts list has been received by all the guests with interest and enthusiasm. And what a list it is – everything but the kitchen sink!

It is always helpful when choosing wedding gifts to have a list to consult and guide you in your selection. It is great to be able to give wedding gifts that are just what the bride and groom have asked for, right down to the size and colour. I, on the other hand, enjoy making my own decisions when it comes to wedding gifts. I do not want to partake in such a clinical approach to the wedding gift wish list. I refuse to be dictated to about which shop I have to make my purchase from. When I give a wedding gift it has to be something that I like, and a wedding gift that I am proud to give. I am not saying that the bride and groom may have dreadful taste, just that I do not find an electric kettle or self assembly book shelf very romantic. Okay, it may be what they requested, but they will have to whistle and just get down to the shops and buy it themselves. For me, the fun of hunting for and selecting wedding gifts is a big part of the process, and the more unusual the better.

Instead of buying wedding gifts to be shared by the lucky couple, I like to buy a gift for each of them, to make them feel special. Wedding gifts for him can be quite a tough call, but the groom can always do with a little pampering. After all, hasn’t the bride spent the last few days before the wedding having her hair cut, dyed and redone on the day, had the fake nails welded on securely so that they don’t drop off at the very moment when the ring is placed on her finger, been to a beauty spa for a facial, full massage and aromatherapy rub? Why shouldn’t the groom get the little prince treatment too? What he will probably need by the time the celebrations are well and truly over, is a real man’s pampering experience day, one that is especially designed for the guys. The City Slicker Photographic Makeover gives him the unselfconscious chance to indulge himself a little, with a facial massage and treatment. Then the lucky man gets a complimentary drink in the bar, and while he is looking amazingly sensationally gorgeous, a professional photographer comes along and preserves his perfect skin and fabulous image on film for posterity. Our groom then gets to have his own private viewing on a nice big screen, and gets to take home his choice of photo for the new Mrs. Perfect. This lovely wedding gift will be one that nobody else will have thought to give, and definitely will not be featured on the wedding gifts list.

If he is into working out, maybe a Massage for Him Gift Pack is a lovely wedding gift for him to take advantage of after the honeymoon. Following a back, neck and shoulder massage to remove the tension from the last few weeks of stress and excitement, the groom and a friend, possibly the best man may appreciate some me-time, have a one day pass at the health and fitness club, where they can play on all the toys for big boys, lift those hefty weights, pretend they are in the Oxford and Cambridge boat race or London Marathon, or even imagine themselves skiing the slopes at Aspen, Colorado. They can lounge about in the sauna or steam room, toast themselves in the solarium and cool off in the swimming pool and spa pool, before returning home feeling suitably refreshed and relaxed.

If you think the groom couldn’t possibly be torn away from his beautiful new bride so soon in their marriage, you could give them both wedding gifts of a Health Spa Day for Two. The couple can choose a beauty treatment each before using the health and fitness equipment, facilities and they can even attend any aerobics classes that may be available. After working up an appetite they can sit back and enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and marvel at each other’s ability to operate the gym equipment without pulling a muscle.

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