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title pic Wedding Gifts For Older Couples

Posted by on June 16, 2011

In the good old days choosing a wedding gift was a fairly simple. Since most couples were young and just starting their lives together wedding gifts were chosen to help them furnish the home they were be sharing. Since both parties were usually going from their family home to a home of their own they needed everything to set up housekeeping so the choice of a wedding gift was almost limitless. You could choose a toaster or another small appliance, gift a gift of towels, artwork, or anything else to decorate their home or apartment.

Today, marriage isn’t just for the young couple starting out. There are many middle aged and older individuals who have been married and divorced or widowed, or single professionals who are older. These couples already have their own completely furnished homes and have little need for the basic housekeeping appliances that once made the choice of a wedding gift so simple.

So how do you choose an appropriate wedding gift for those couples who seemingly have everything they need?

Check the Gift Registry

Many couples both young and not so young sign up at a stores gift registry choosing gifts that they would like to receive as wedding presents. This can prove useful when you are not sure exactly what wedding gift to choose for the happy couple. Many wedding invitations today come with a note telling you what store or stores the couple is registered with so that you can go and view which gifts they are anxious to receive.

Give a Gift Certificate

Gift certificates always make wonderful gifts as they let the newly married couple choose a wedding gift of their own choice. For those of you who want to give a more unusual gift you can give a gift certificate to a particular event such as seasonal tickets to the symphony, opera or other event the couple may enjoy attending as a couple.

Pitch in on the Honeymoon

Many older retired couples who choose to marry are on a limited income and may not be able to afford a honeymoon. Pitching in with others to give the couple a weekend away to celebrate their marriage can make a wonderful and surprising wedding gift. This may also be true of a young couple who is just starting out and can’t really afford a proper honeymoon.

Give the Gift of Money

Money always makes a good gift and comes in handy for the new couple to use however they please whether it is to purchase something they particular want, use on their honeymoon, or simply put into a savings account for the future.

The age and financial status of couples getting married may have changed somewhat over the last few decades but, the desire to give a gift that the couple will appreciate and like remains the same. Choosing a wedding gift is your way of joining in the celebration of the couples love for one another.

by Amanda J. Peters