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title pic Asian Wedding Favor Ideas

Posted by on June 3, 2010

In the far east, namely China the color red is worn by the bride as the colour of her traditional wedding dress. When we think of an Asian wedding we often think of the colour of red. A suggestion to use as a diy wedding favor gift for your wedding guests. If the guests who wish to give money gifts to the bride and groom. They wrap each money gift in red paper. As red is an important and powerful color in a wedding ceremony. The gift can be hand delivered to the bride and groom as an Asian wedding present.

The color red in China is known to bring good luck. Each New Chinese New Year people hang hong bao which is a red parcel associated with fortune and success for the coming year. Asian wedding favors are given to the newly weds as a gift to bring happiness, fertility, passion and honor. Perfect for the newlyweds.

A Chinese wedding would not be complete without a fan in the colour red with a little ribbons in red and you can chose to present your Asian wedding favors with a handle or without. You may wish to add a little colour to your guests wedding table with bright red napkins with a personalised message perhaps saying the date, or the happy couple’s names.

You can purchase wedding favours from online stockists which will save you time and money. A favourite wedding favour of mine to receive would be a take out box in the color red, accompanied by red chop sticks and think about placing fortune cookies inside the Chinese take out box.

Red Mint tins are popular wedding favors to have placed on the wedding tables. You can inscribe a happiness message or a thank you message on each mint tin.

All fantastic Asian Wedding favors ideas.

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