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Traditions are an important part of everyone’s heritage. They mark special occasions and are often a cause for celebration. Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated in different ways around the world and can be extremely flamboyant or subdued events. Weddings are celebrated in a variety of ways too, usually following age old traditions according to the religious or cultural background of the two families who are being united. But all around the globe, no matter how the occasion is celebrated, it is a time of great joy and does not usually go unnoticed. Just think of all the weddings you have been invited to over the years. No two were the same, were they? Having said that, there were a few aspects that they all had in common, and giving wedding gifts is still an upheld tradition.

As soon as that wedding invitation falls through the letter box, you start thinking about wedding gifts, and it is getting more and more difficult to find something suitable to give, especially as so many couples may live together before tying the knot. Indeed, both of them will probably no longer be living in their parents’ home but will have set up home for themselves a while ago, perhaps when they went to university or when they left school and got their first job. So, most couples have already acquired the domestic items that they need to make a house a home. Where does that leave you? I expect you are staring at the wedding gifts list right now, feeling uninspired and at a loss for a bright idea to make the lucky couple smile.

A personalised wedding gift has that little extra thoughtful touch about it. If they are the couple who already have everything, then they certainly won’t have that something with the addition of a loving message from you. They may well have a door mat for their little love nest, but does it have their new joint names sprawled across it? A personalised door mat is a wedding gift that will not only impress the bride and groom, but all those visitors that they plan to invite around to their new abode when the dust has eventually settled. The message could be simply one of welcome from the new Mr and Mrs or even something more quirky and amusing; either way, this lovely wedding gift will be unlike anything else that they are expecting to receive on the big day.

You may have noticed that on the wedding gifts list presented to you and the other guests there is always a mention of towels. A Newly Weds Bathroom Bundle addresses all their needs, with a selection of bath towels, hand towels and face cloths in pure white 100% cotton. These beautiful wedding gifts are lavishly decorated and attractively presented especially as a wedding cake. This is a wedding gift that they well both find a delight as well as extremely useful, especially on the honey moon. The added bonus of a pair of flip flops will make them smile. This special wedding gift footwear leaves a ‘just married’ footprint for all to see.

If you would like to give the bride and groom an experience day for two as their wedding gifts, but cannot decide which one they would most enjoy, why not leave the choice to them. This is a wonderful idea for a wedding gift, giving the happy couple the chance of spending some quality time together doing something that they both enjoy. They could opt for a pampering session in a spa and take the opportunity to unwind and relax after the pressure of wedding plans is just a dim and distant memory. This option includes a day pass in a Living Well health and leisure club as well. Or they could improve their cooking skills together with a cookery demonstration and lovely meal for two. This way they can impress each other with their new found kitchen talents for years to come. A really fascinating and practical experience day wedding gift is an interior design session, where the couple can learn ways to approach the design of their new abode. Armed with this information they will develop an eye for interior design and will thank you for this inspirational wedding gift. Maybe they will select the chance to experience an open air concert, including a VIP pass which will enable the bride and groom to access the best area possible, with this versatile wedding gift. The choice is theirs, and they will have the experience day that they truly wish for.

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