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title pic Wedding Present Ideas to Win Hearts

Posted by on July 3, 2010

The occasion of a wedding is a red letter day for anyone. Just being asked to one can bring about real exhilaration. It is always a pleasure to see someone walk down the aisle with the hope of true love and life long joy. Picking out a wedding present can be a lot of fun too. There are thousands of gifts that you can buy online or in retail shops.

Personalized gifts is a common trend in weddings presents. Bespoke gifts bring out your creativity because you can determine the style, design and message you want to be printed on them. Products range from photo frames, mugs and clocks, among many others.

When buying gifts, always keep in mind your resources but be certain to get the look you want on the items you buy. Here are some gift ideas that would definitely be a hit:

Tapestry – It is lovely to remember the wedding day, but how best to do this? Personalize everyday belongings by printing the couple’s picture on them. You can have it printed on pillows, blankets or bags.

Have them printed on a tapestry wall hanging and they can be kept as heirlooms. Different coloured cotton threads can make your pictures come to life just like the photo itself.

Photo Frames – Keep your best photographs in unique photo frames. You can add romantic messages like ‘lovers forever” or “ideal couple”. Romantic lines from songs or poems are recommended too. You can choose from the different frames available like natural wood, quality resin, or metal steel.

Personal messages are mostly engraved by laser or cut out of wood. The couple would love putting there favorite wedding photos in such frames to remind them of the happiness of their auspicious day.

T-shirts – Show your own personality and feelings by having them printed on comfortable tees. Many couples would love to demonstrate their love for each other on cute shirts. The most common of the slogans on these shirts is the letter “I” followed by a big red heart and then name of the groom or bride.

You could tell the world how you feel towards a person with such a bespoke tee. If you want to be more intimate, you could even print romantic messages on lingerie or underwear.

Accessories – Women love accessories. Bracelets are ideal items for personalization. You could choose sterling silver or even 9 carat – 22 carat gold. This depends on your budget, of course. But remember, it is the thought that counts.

Common themes that are put on bracelets are the date of your wedding or your anniversary or the couple’s name. You can personalize rings and necklaces in the same way too.

Tankards – Tankards are very useful. If you are giving a gift to the groom, customizing his beer mug or wine glass would surely be appreciated. Choose a beer mug that is not embarrassing. Pewter or glass look nice and the personal message would stand out clearly.

Clocks – You could purchase a wall clock or personal watches. Either way, you can be certain that the recipient would find them very handy. Engraving one’s name on a metal steel sports watch is an eye catcher too. A pocket watch would be just as appreciated.

Looking for wedding gifts can be very enjoyable. Personalizing your gifts would add a special touch to each present. No matter the value of the gift, remember that it is always the thought that matters most.

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