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title pic Personal Wedding Presents – It Doesn’t Always Have to Be From the List

Posted by on July 6, 2010

Finding a wedding gift can really turn out to be a headache, especially if for some reason you can´t just pick something from the list. You might just buy something that you think might be useful for the bride and the groom. Or you start to let your imagination play a little bit and put together an unique gift that can´t be bought in a shop. Here some suggestions:

Buy a nice basket and fill it with vouchers. Put in a voucher for a picnic at the park, an invitation to watch the newest movie on DVD at your place, popcorn included (or a visit to the movies if you aren’t on a tight budget), an invitation to Sunday-Brunch, a voucher for help when the newlyweds move house to their new place, a voucher for babysitting (in case they already have kids). You get the idea. Let your imagination run a little wild, the more personal the vouchers, the better.

Go to a good wine retailer and buy three nice bottles of wine. Wrap them individually and put them all in a nice (wooden) box. Close the box, if possible with nails and a hammer. Then attach a card that tells the bride and the groom that they can open your gift on their fist wedding anniversary. They will find the three packages with their respective cards and they will open the first one and find the bottle of wine that they can use to toast to their first anniversary. The other two bottles are to be opened on the fifth and tenth anniversary.

You might want to get the advice of your wine-dealer on which wine to buy, not all types are suited to be stored ten years!

The next idea is ideal if you perform as the master of ceremonies. In order to coordinate wedding speeches and other activities, the bride and the groom might have given you access to the (email-) addresses of the other guests. Why don´t you contact them and propose a present from all of you together? The bride and the groom like cooking? Ask everybody to write down the recipe for his or her favourite dish. Just agree on the size of the paper, besides that everybody is free to decorate his contribution as he wishes. The husband-and-wife to-be are passionate travellers? Ask everybody to write a short page about their favourite destination, ask them to include a photo (of them and the destination). Have them mail the single pages to you and have in bound as a book. This will make a unique and very personal gift.

You see, with a little imagination you can find original and inexpensive wedding presents that will thrill the bride and the groom although they are not from the list!

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