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title pic What Is a Proper Wedding Gift? How To Decide On What You Should Give

Posted by on July 24, 2010

There is no right and wrong rule to this since every couple is different, as is every wedding guest’s budget. What is well received and appreciated by one couple may horrify another. If you are having trouble deciding on what would be a proper wedding gift, here are some questions to consider to help guide you in your gift selection:

– What are the bride and groom’s personalities like? Are they a fun-loving couple? Are they eccentric? Are they very conservative? By answering such questions you should be better able to search for gift ideas that will suit their personalities, and therefore be happily received.

– What hobbies and interests do they have? Choose gifts that will enhance the enjoyment of their interests. For example, some couples love bowling together. Search for a gift that’s related to this sport such as matching personalized bowling hats.

– What type of food do they both love? If they love Italian food, then a gift certificate to a romantic Italian restaurant would be appropriate. Another idea is to put together or purchase an Italian food gift basket for a romantic picnic. If they’re the type of couple that loves barbecued foods, a gift basket full of barbecue sauces, recipes and spices would be a welcomed wedding present.

– How is their home decorated? For those who know the couple well and have been in their home, you may want to look for something that will compliment their decor, such as a special figurine, a picture or a collectible.

– Choose a gift based on the theme of their wedding. This can become a collection of wedding memories that they could display in their home. As an example, our wedding featured hearts and swans as the theme. Based on that wedding theme, some of the gifts we’ve received for anniversaries have been a small table fountain featuring two swans “in the pond,” and a musical swan snow globe.

– Do they have a gift registry set up? If so, you can choose something that you know they are guaranteed to like.

– Gift a gift of money. If you still can’t decide, then send a check equal to what you would have spent on a wedding present. Make it out to Mr. and Mrs. Whatever (unless the bride is keeping her maiden name – in which case use both names on the check).

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