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title pic Giving Picture Moments As Wedding Gifts

Posted by on August 3, 2010

It can be a daunting task to look for wedding presents. It may be a funny gift but make sure that you also give the newly weds something that they can use after the wedding. One special gift that they will surely treasure is the gift of friendship from you and as a friend you know that they want lasting memories of their wedding so getting them a wedding photographer as a wedding gift is a good idea. Giving them the gift of time is possible with this present since you not only have saved them from the financial burden of paying a photographer, you also gave them the chance to look back at the happiest time of their lives.

Take some of the pictures of the wedding if you do not have the budget to hire a professional photographer. Or you may also look for their pictures together and compile them in one storage. Either you show everyone their pictures of when they were still kids until they became older and met each other or just start compiling pictures when the two started dating. Humorous as it may seem, look for their funny pictures and put captions for each.

The internet makes this easy and fun to do since you just have to download their pictures and all but doing an extra effort to look down at the basement to look for old pictures is also fun once you get the results. When every picture is all ready for reproduction, you can start doing your draft for the audio visual presentation. Ask the official photographer for copies of the wedding day event and add this to your compilation, you can then give the gift even after the wedding.

Share the sweetest memories of the wedding couple by using a video camera so you can records the sweet messages for the two as well. Have this played during the wedding and make copies in case some members of the couple’s family would ask for copies as well. Put the CD in a nicely covered DVD case and add it as one of the wedding favors for the couple. By all means always ask someone’s input when you do this project for the couple.

The couple’s personality should match your gift for them. No one will ever disagree that your gift is beyond memorable if you do.

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