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title pic Why Kitchen Accessories Are a Perfect Wedding Gift

Posted by on August 6, 2010

The kitchen is the most important room in the house and comes first in most peoples list of priorities when choosing a wedding gift. The kitchen used to be a purely functional, tucked-away utilitarian room where the wife prepared the family meals each day and served them in a separate dining room (sometimes through a special serving hatch). Nowadays most people desire a large open plan kitchen dining room fully equipped with comfy sofa, TV, perhaps a play area for small children and doors opening onto the garden.

Why are kitchen accessories popular wedding gifts?

Once a couple have achieved the kitchen of their dreams the next job is to accessorize it. There are so many different kitchen accessories on the market now from slick, stainless steel to modern retro. Some people like everything to match and look good – to tie in with the design of their kitchen. Others are purists who need each utensil and gadget to have a function. My grandmother’s kitchen utensils consisted of a potato masher, a tea strainer, a mincer to fix to the tabletop (perfect for rissoles), a selection of Pyrex and the piece-de-resistance, the runner-bean slicer.

Going back to basics

With the trend for later marriages many couples now already have their own fully-equipped homes. When they do get married their wedding-list is an opportunity for them to upgrade their kitchens and acquire their most- desired kitchen items. Therefore, beautiful glass, stainless steel cutlery, French cast iron casseroles, wooden chopping boards, copper pans and state of the art toasters can be original gifts for the couple that has everything. You may even choose a retro-style digital radio to co-ordinate perfectly with your kitchen units. The cosy feel of days gone by with a thoroughly modern function.

Modern Utensils as an option

If you have a larger budget for your wedding gift, then modern kitchens tend to be equipped with not only the basic cooking implements but with Italian coffee machines, microwave ovens, Japanese knives, juicers, American blenders (in beautiful colours) and wonderful dinnerware.

The Perfect gift

Cooking is now considered a leisure pastime enjoyed by both men and women. Couples eat in restaurants and travel the world and want to recreate to create the dishes they have enjoyed at home in their own kitchens. Entertaining at home is more and more popular and the trend for celebrity chefs on our televisions has created even more of a desire for the perfect kitchen environment with the right ingredients from the right sources and using the proper kitchen kit. Friends are thrilled these days to be given something for their kitchen as a present. The next new cookbook, an apron, some oven gloves and a fancy new casserole would be appreciated by most.

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