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title pic Buying a Unique Wedding Gift

Posted by on August 15, 2010

Your best friend’s wedding is coming up and you have to buy a gift. You don’t really want to get them a blender or a vacuum cleaner or a set of dishes. You could just give them money, but that seems so impersonal, albeit useful. What do you do to find a truly unique wedding gift that will stand out from the throngs of average and mundane gifts that seem to populate weddings? A wedding gift should be something that is useful to the new couple as well as thoughtful. The first step to buying any wedding gift should be to check the store where the couple is registered, if they are at all. This will tell you what has already been purchased and what they still need. To be truly unique, however, your gift will be something that no one else will even consider getting them. Food processors and sets of towels are out of the question. Your unique wedding gift will be something astounding, amazing, and thoughtful. But what will it be? Here are some things that are perfectly appropriate as wedding gifts but are not often given. Any of them will be sure to speak to the couple and say that you cared enough to give something very different.


A very unique wedding gift, artwork is something for the couple’s new home together but can also be very personal. This is an option that should be seriously considered before being purchased, because art is very subjective. Something that you love could be something they hate. This is also the type of gift that you need to be prepared to spend some money on. An oil painting from the local gallery blowout for ten bucks is not going to cut it. Artwork as a wedding gift should be an artist’s original and that will cost a few hundred dollars at the very least. If the couple has a favorite classical artist, however, a lower cost option could be a framed print of one of that artist’s works.

Gift Certificates

A gift certificate can be a very thoughtful and unique wedding gift, as long as what the certificate is for is something thoughtful and unique. You don’t want a simple department store gift certificate here. Find a gift that can be something tailored to suit the personalities of the couple. Are they the active, outdoors type? Try a gift certificate good for a camping trip in a national park. Maybe they are extreme sports freaks? If so a gift certificate for skydiving lessons or parasailing may be the perfect thing.

These are just a couple of examples of the special and unique wedding gifts you can come up with if you just put your mind to it. With a little bit of creativity and thoughtfulness, you can give a wedding gift that will stand out from all the others and put all the blender buyers and gravy boat givers to shame.

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