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Archaeologists cannot answer these questions for now. But archaeological signs and forensic findings help them reconstruct the sequence of events. The pattern of footprints and paths preserved in the dried mud indicates that an official procession came to the sacrificial area. The absence of any insect traces in the remains means that the children were carefully wrapped in shrouds and quickly buried next to the llamas. This gruesome task may have fallen on two adult women who were killed by blows to the head and buried next to the children in the north of the burial site.

Near them are the remains of an adult male lying on his back under a pile of stones. The unusually strong nature of the male makes archaeologists think that this person might be the executioner. Could this expensive votive alleviate the floods? It is impossible to know, but this disturbing event may open a window into the desperate last years of a dying empire. This new area is also an empty land on a high hill; but unlike the other, it is crowned with a large wooden cross for which it is named.

Prieto unearthed another Çimu boy, many of whom had been executed by a horizontal incision on his chest and buried in simple shrouds. The ongoing tally of victims at two excavation sites now corresponds to children, three adults, and llamas. These tombs are also home to Çimu children, but these children are buried with caftans, headdresses decorated with parrot feathers, and carved ornaments made of wood.