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I don’t know how I brought the subject here) As a matter of fact, this is happening all over the world. When you are in America, you inevitably attract Turks or people of similar cultures to yourself. Okay, there may be no problem. But if you are going to limit yourself to a small group of Turks, why do you get up and go all the way to America? We’re already doing that here too ..?

There are American people, of course, there are people, even the majority of America’s non-metropolitan cities are people of American origin. I also had American friends who had a funny sense of humor, with whom I went out for a drink 5 days a week, went to parties, and even went on a trip together. But those people get so caught up in the culture they are accustomed to and the “individualism” system they live in that they turn into “self-interested” people beyond their control. When you say that they are actually transforming, maybe they always are, but after a while it starts to prey on you. On their way to the party, they also look for someone who will not drink or drive their group. When they were a student, their friends with whom they spent every day, maybe shared the same room, turned into people who, after a while, meet only at graduation days and similar meetings and say, “What fun our university days were, how much we were drinking”. When they get married, they go on the hunt for a “double date”, that is, to have an activity that they can do as 2 couples. When they have children, they make families with children catch their eyes so that there is someone to play with it. To prove that they are better, they put it in the eyes of those around them how many times a week they have sex, how smart their kids are. Welcome to a system where people are based on competing with each other. Individualism philosophy 101.

I think one of the reasons why individualism is so accepted across the country is that most Americans act as if there is no other country in the world. Think of it like the American version of “God is the next Judge of the Angel”. We can feel that they think this way from their foreign policy, but how does this reflect on the life of an ordinary American? It works like this. Even people who are trained in Turkey’s exactly where it is know to be in the knowing of the bilmemkaç percent of world history name that was unaware even of the Ottoman Empire, all the Muslims that the people who believe that terrorists are you becoming essential şaşıra. In summary I want to say that, in Turkey, our “ignorant people” ignorant human perception Our perception of different things in the United States. However, the fact that these ignorance criteria do not meet 100% does not mean that those individuals are not ignorant. People in western countries, in Turkey, “as we are” a strange perception could not be ignorant. In fact, this work is carried forward, America, etc. it can go as far as believing 100 percent that countries are just, democratic and egalitarian countries. At this point, even if we deviate a little from the subject, I would like to give some information about the views of the Democratic and Republican parties of America and to exemplify the existence of “us and them” discrimination in the people of a country like America, which is not very foreign to us.

Democrats: Leftist cares about social values, supports same-sex marriage, believes that abortion is the choice of women, largely thinks that execution should not be legal, aims to provide convenience for immigrants.

Republicans: Right-wing attaches importance to individualistic values, opposes same-sex marriage, opposes abortion, largely believes that execution should be legal, wants to prevent immigration and deport people.

I don’t think I am knowledgeable enough to put America’s policy on the table, I just wanted to give a few notable examples to show that there can be opposing views that can divide any country into two.

I have always had mixed feelings about America’s justice system. While living in a country where the legal system is open to a lot of criticism, I will complain about this issue with your permission, taking the risk of comments such as “let me have your problem”. There are hundreds of people in America who sue companies for racism just because they are not hired. And you can be sure only some of them are suing for being genuinely racist (of course, there are still too many racist people in America regardless of that issue) Things are so out of control on this issue that it cannot be determined whether x is racist against person y. He’s in a situation because everyone is abusing this job. However, dozens of examples can be given to show that the justice system has been abused. There is a reason the man who sued for not writing “hot drink” on his McDonalds glass has become an urban legend. Actually, this is a real event. When someone from the back touches your car, even if you are not injured, you can file a claim for compensation by claiming that you have experienced “psychological trauma”.