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If we don’t take action; that girl we like, that attracts our attention, others can enter her life, others can act before us.

I know it because I have experienced it many times in the past. Therefore, rather than regret it, I recommend that you go and meet the girl you like, even if it will be rejected at any cost. Life is too short to regret what we could not do, my friend… Do not waste your precious time with the feeling of regret for the things you could not do.

Go and do what you want to do at all costs. Now I want to share with you some important techniques you can apply to alleviate this fear of meeting that prevents you from meeting girls. I will soon share with you two effective techniques that offer instant solutions for the fear of meeting. But first, I will talk about a basic technique that you should apply at every stage of your daily life. When a person is socialized, they are automatically filled with positive energy. When a guy with an introverted, negative mood wants to meet a new girl, he will feel a lot of pressure.

How can you stop meeting a new girl with a body that doesn’t feel well and is not used to sociability? Of course it cannot. For this reason, I recommend that you make yourself a habit of meeting new people in every environment you enter in your daily life, without separating them as boys and girls.

These people you meet and chat with may be the grocery store uncle in the neighborhood, the cashier girl in the supermarket, the driver uncle in the minibus, the aunt aunt in the school, or the beautiful Merve in the classroom.

It doesn’t matter… The important thing is to communicate with people you don’t know before or you haven’t chatted with even if you know them. You will be surprised at how good you feel when you make a habit of being social. Get used to being a social man! Perhaps the reason you feel the fear of rejection so much is that you haven’t been rejected in dating for a long time… The most effective way to overcome a fear is to go on it. Famous relationship coaches often recommend the following exercise to their students who are afraid of rejection.

You probably think you can’t do this. But trust me, you can succeed my friend… All you have to do is throw yourself next to the girl like jumping in cold water. You don’t have any consequences anyway, so you won’t bother to get the girl’s number. Ask for his number and let him deny you. Peterson explains how we feel intensely about meeting fear:

When a man meets a girl, he uploads the image of the woman that embellishes his dreams and excites him incredibly. It feels as if he’s speaking to the image of the perfect woman he’s been dreaming of for years, rather than a random girl he sees walking down the street. However, the other person is not the woman we imagined. But we see it as if it is and take the woman in front of us too seriously.

This causes us to feel the fear of rejection right up to our bones. That’s why when we want to meet a woman; We should remind ourselves that in fact, she is not that image that embellishes our dreams, that she is just an ordinary woman. You can even exaggerate this and identify the woman with different objects in your mind.