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In cases where your word and logic are ineffective, it is necessary to think differently and to have the harshest precautions of our laws uttered. We are already preparing our laws for him, not to fatten and swell the shelves of our bookshelves. We have decided, with all our faith, not to leave our democratic and secular republic, which was founded with great sacrifices, in the face of the slightest danger due to its sick and skinny views of rights. The draft law prepared for the protection of the Turkish Republic l-CHINA will probably be submitted to the Grand National Assembly very soon, we think.

According to the statements made to the Tiirk press so far, in terms of state protection, there are serious deficiencies in the design of the public. The bill, according to statements and statements, only considers communism as a destructive force. Because; When a law is being made, you are not just one possibility. It is not really difficult to find these possibilities.

After knowing which negative forces we have entered into in order to establish our young state and which groups of interest we have distributed, we can immediately determine our subject of struggle. The economic structure of our homeland, for the time being, is not suitable for this enemy to shelter. But they are bad enemies. For centuries, they have found the opportunity to live and become stronger in Turkish lands.

They are still unlike our young state, and they are just as dangerous as the communists. It was thought that the Turks, who were expelled from Bulgaria, would increase our economic distress by settling in your country, and the world communism did not hesitate to create the last human tragedy with such an empty and unfounded hope.

To destroy the unity of the country from within by searching for economic depressions and unrest. But even though world communism is much less known, there are other ways of working and spreading, which are more and more dangerous. Drawing on the sophistication of democracies, the communism of the wall has been able to seep through these invisible and more secure doors with astonishing skill. What we want is to see that these holes have also been completely closed in the bill to be submitted to the Grand National Assembly.

Those who listen to Moscow Radio think that a Caml-ul-Azhar has been established there. Communism and religion benefited greatly in the war between Greece and the brothers. The number of fold advertisements to the communists in order to carry out the orders of Paulus in the Apostol is very high.